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Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 Review

Hand blenders are, well, handy but there aren’t many stylish models around that you’d want hanging around your kitchen worktop. The Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 hand blender immediately stands out from the pack, with its modern red and black design. Looks are one thing, but does it actually do the job? Let’s find out.

Powering the Russell Hobbs 18509 is a 400 watt, 2 speed motor. Not the most powerful on the market, but not too shabby either. The Desire should be able to provide more than enough power for blending, whisking and chopping tasks.

This device is cheap for a hand blender, but it’s still as versatile as more expensive models with a 3-in-1 accessory set. As well as the stainless steel blades for blending soups, milkshakes, smoothies you also get a balloon whisk attachment, great for mixing up batters, creams and mixtures.

Also included is a 500ml chopper attachment, which you can use to chop up veg or meats. Very handy for saving time cutting up onions and the like.

As well as the attachments, you’ll also get a 0.7 litre beaker in the box. You can blend ingredients directly in this, then screw on the lid and store in the fridge for eating or using at the next stage of cooking.

Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 Hand Blender Features and Specifications

  • 2 speed 400w motor – normal speed and turbo speed when you need some extra power
  • 500ml chopper attachment – save plenty of time chopping onions, garlic, veg and meats
  • Balloon whisk attachment – whip up creams, batter, eggs etc
  • 0.7 litre beaker – blend up your ingredients in the beaker and then screw on the lid and store in the fridge

Russell Hobbs 18509 Customer Feedback and Reviews

On the whole, people really liked this blender. Around 87% of customers were happy with their purchase, and we think that percentage would be higher however a couple of unhappy customers who had received faulty units skewed the results slightly. Having reviewed these, we’re happy that these are isolated cases, and could see no correlation between them.

So what did people like about the Desire?

As we expected, everyone liked the way that this blender looks. The fact is, it’s the most stylish hand blender on the market so if you do want to leave it out on your kitchen worktop, it should fit in nicely.

As well as being nice looking, customers reported that it feels sturdy, solid and weighty too, which is good news considering it’s quite a cheap machine.

So what about the performance?

There were plenty of happy customers here too, and we couldn’t find any complaints about its blending. By all accounts, the device does a great job on soups, smoothies and milkshakes – blending them up nice and quickly.

Customers also said that the chopper attachment, whilst a little on the small side, does chop efficiently and quickly. Whilst you might not buy a blender primarily to chop up veg, it’ll almost certainly save you plenty of time in the kitchen if you do a lot of cooking. A very handy attachment to have lying around.

Finally, the whisk attachment works well too. People found it great for things like whipping up cream, or making omelettes and batter. It should be noted though, that the whisk is intended for light tasks such as these, not for heavy and thick substances.

A few people noted that the Desire is nice and quiet, which is a bit of an unexpected bonus. It’s not often that blenders are quiet, so that’s definitely a feather in the cap of this machine.

So, are there any problems with it? Well, there are one or two, but nothing major.

First of all, online stores seem to be advertising the machine as dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, they’ve got this wrong. Having read through the manual carefully, it clearly states that none of the parts should be cleaned in the dishwasher. This isn’t a deal breaker for us, but if you do want a dishwasher safe hand blender then you’ll need to avoid the Desire and look elsewhere. The Philips HR1363 would a good alternative, at a similar price.

Another comment that kept coming up, is that the whisk attachment feels a little flimsy. We’ve come to expect this from cheap hand blenders. There were no signs of reported breakages to the whisk though, and it is only intended for light whipping tasks.

Apart from that, one customer felt that the buttons were a little on the small side. You’ll need to hold down the button whilst blending, so do bear this in mind if you have any dexterity problem. This was only mentioned by one customer, but we thought it worth pointing out.

Overall, the Russell Hobbs Desire 3-in-1 is a good hand blender. It blends, chops and whisks very well, it looks good, feels solid and certainly won’t break the bank. It’s losing half a star for not being dishwasher safe, but it’s a solid and versatile budget blender that we have no hesitation to recommend.

  • Score: 3 stars

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