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Philips HR2084 Glass Jug with Fruit Filter Review

We’re always happy to take a look at a gadget that has a bit of a twist, so we’re glad to be taking a look at the Philips HR2084 today! The unique thing about this device is the included Fruit Filter attachment, which helps you extract juice. We do love a fresh orange juice in the morning, so let’s take a look without any further ado!

As I mentioned, one of the cool things about this blender is the included Fruit Filter. You pop this into the jug when you want to juice something, turn on the blender, and it will filter the pips and seeds, making sure that you get nothing but the juice. It also filters out the foam, so that you get nice clear juice too (great if you don’t like cloudy juice).

The machine comes with a 650w motor, plenty of power for any blending task. It has multiple speeds, and a pulse mode for blending in short bursts. The device can also crush ice (a sure sign of power), and has a special ice crush mode for this purpose.

The machine comes with a glass jug, which can hold up to 2 litres in one go. Inside the jug goes the blades, which are ultra-sharp and have serrated edges for efficient blending.

This blender is designed to be easy to clean.

First of all, the blades are removable. This means that instead of having to clean around a fixed set of blades in the jug, you simply remove the blade after use and clean it under a tap. It also means there are no nooks and crannies for bits of food to get stuck into. Simple!

Second, the machine has a built-in quick clean function. Add 500ml of clean warm, squirt in a little washing up liquid, flip the switch to quick clean, and then rinse. If you don’t even want to do this, then everything is dishwasher safe so feel free to throw the jug, blades and lid in the dishwasher and forget about them.

Philips HR2084 90 Black Blender Features and Specifications

  • 650 watt motor – powerful enough to crush ice
  • Fruit filter – great for juicing, gets rid of seed, pips and foam
  • High quality 2 litre glass jug – blend anything with confidence
  • Removable blades – very easy to clean under the tap, and no difficult nooks and crannies to clean
  • Built in quick clean function – add clean water, squirt in a little washing up liquid and enter cleaning mode
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The HR2084 has a great reputation with people who spent their hard earned cash on it. Of all the comments that we collected, 97% were from happy and satisfied customers. In fact, 95% of customers gave the blender top marks of 4 or 5 stars; the vast majority were very enthusiastic. Good news! Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

First things first, how does the blender feel? Most customers felt that it was a quality product. Its black finish looks nice, and the base is sturdy and well made. The jug is made of a heavy duty glass, and people remarked that it feels very tough and durable indeed.

That’s a good start then, it’s well made. But how well does it work?

Top marks here too – no fuss or drama, the machine simply blends well. People had used the blender to make the usual soups and smoothies (which it does very well). It seems to be versatile enough too; customers reported success with everything from Yorkshire puddings to breadcrumbs.

The dial on the front of the blender allows you to cycle through the various speeds, so you should be able to easily find the optimal setting for whatever you’re blending. We’d recommend starting low and then adjusting upwards, rather than jumping straight to the top speed.

On to the juice filter. This is a nice little bonus accessory, and whilst a lot of customers hadn’t used it, several had and reported good results. Some people used it for fresh OJ in the morning (my favourite), and someone had even used to make their own soya milk! Whilst it’s not going to be as efficient at juicing as a dedicated juicer, as a bonus accessory for occasional juicing it’s a handy addition.

After blending, people found the bits and pieces easy to clean too; the removable blade definitely makes things easier, and the glass jug rinses clean easily too.

There were very few negative points of note. One thing to bear in mind is that the unit is quite heavy. This is mainly due to the jug, which is made entirely of glass. Unfortunately thats the downside of using such a robust material.

Apart from that, one or two people mentioned that the device is a little on the noisy side. To be fair, so are all blenders; this isn’t a problem unique to this one! We’re not holding this against the machine; there’s no such thing as a quiet blender!

So what’s the difference between this and the Philips HR2160? Is it worth the extra money? There are 2 main advantages: the juice filter and the glass jug. The jug in this model is going to be a lot more robust, and of course if you want to use the juice filter then you’ll need to go for this model too.

The Philips HR2084 is a quality blender. Its 2 litre jug provides plenty of space, it’s robust and durable, versatile and does a great job of blending! Throw in the juice filter as a nice little bonus, and you’ve got yourself a great little package here! If a hand blender isn’t your weapon of choice, then this is the best jug blender that we’ve looked at so far.

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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