Blender Reviews 2013

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Russell Hobbs 18510 Desire Review


Russell Hobbs are back with another attractive blender in the Desire series. Check out our review and find out why we think this blender is bargain; it doesn’t just look good, but it blends great too!

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Bosch MSM6700GB and Accessories Review

We take a look at yet another hand blender that we think you should avoid. If you’re thinking of picking up the 6700GB, then you should really check out our review. We’re pretty sure you’ll change your mind after hearing what we’ve got to say about it!

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Breville VHB070 3-in-1 Set Review

With all the hand blenders that we’ve looked at that are simply terrible, it was nice to get our hands on a good one for a change! Check out our review and find out why we think that the VHB070 is a worthy purchase!

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Philips Daily Collection HR1341 with Storage Beaker and Lid Review

If all you want is a simple, affordable, no frills blender then you’ve probably had your eye on the HR1341 at some point. Before you jump into buying it, you should check out our review to find our if we think this budget blender is worth buying.

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Kenwood SB266 Smoothie Maker Review

When we saw the SB266 smoothie maker we were racking our brains as to why you’d need a specialized smoothie make. Wouldn’t a standard blender do the job just fine? Check out our review, and we’ll answer that question in full!

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Philips HR2084 Glass Jug with Fruit Filter Review

Check out our review of the Philips HR2084 and find out why we think it’s one of the best blenders around!

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Philips Avent Steamer Blender SCF870 Baby Food Maker Review

As a parent, anything that makes your life that little bit more convenient can be a god send! That’s why we were pretty excited to take a look a look at this baby food maker from Philips. It’ll cook, and blend baby food up all in the one jug; less washing up, no added junk, no messing about. But is it any good, or should you stick to the old fashioned way? Find out in our detailed review.

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