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Kenwood SB266 Smoothie Maker Review

The Kenwood SB266 Smoothie Maker is specifically designed to be used for making smoothies and milkshake. Whilst all blenders are suitable for smoothie lovers, the SB266 has a few unique features that set it apart. But are they really useful? Let’s find out now.

The machine has a 500w motor with 2 speed settings, for blending both soft and hard fruits. It also has a pulse button for blending in short bursts, and Kenwood say that the motor and stainless steel blades are strong enough for crushing ice. We’ll put that to the test later on.

The jug has a 1.5 litre capacity, enough for 6 servings, and uniquely includes a bar-style dispenser tap which you can use to pour your smoothies into a glass without making any mess. Also included is a spatula-style stick for stirring.

The device has a smooth chrome finish, that should be easy to wipe clean after use.

A smoothie recipe book is included to get you going, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll probably want to start concocting smoothies of your own!

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Kenwood SB266 Smoothie Maker Features and Specifications

  • 500w motor – 2 speeds + pulse mode for soft and hard fruits, and ice
  • 1.5 litre jug – large enough for 6 servings
  • Unique bar-style dispenser tap – pour your smoothies into a glass with no mess
  • Smoothie recipe book included

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The majority of customers were happy with their purchase, around 80%, but the machine didn’t escape criticism entirely. First let’s take a look at the positives.

Basically, the SB266 generally does what it sets out to; makes smoothies! Customers reported good results, and delicious smoothies. People generally found the tap to be quite handy too; there’s never any mess this way when you want to transfer your smoothie to a glass or container for storage.

Whilst the machine copes well with both soft and hard fruits, several people did complain that it chokes when it comes to ice (despite the promise from Kenwood that it can cope with it). Customers reported that ice often sinks to the bottom, beneath the blade. At this point, the motor simply doesn’t have the power to turn the blade any more, or the ice simply escapes and remains uncrushed. People also reported similar poor results with frozen fruit.

Reportedly, the tap is rather useless for thicker smoothies. Some people said that thick smoothies simply run out of the tap far too slowly, making it impractical to use.

Finally, whilst the machine is strong and sturdy, it’s not exactly an attractive device. As well as being a little on the ugly side (even for a blender) it’s also rather bulky; perhaps not a machine that you’ll want to leave out on your kitchen worktop full-time.

The Kenwood SB266 does its job; it makes smoothies. However, the addition of the tap isn’t enough to convince us that we need a specialised machine for making them.

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The failure of the blender to cope with ice and frozen fruits has us convinced that a standard blender such as the Russell Hobbs 18510 would be a better choice for smoothies. A standard jug blender will make smoothies, crush ice, and a whole host of other tasks besides.

  • Score: 3 stars

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