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Kenwood HB724 Triblade Review

For people who love home-made soup, it can often be more convenient to use an immersion blender. It allows you to blend the soup right in the pan, rather than blending small amounts a little at a time. Today, we’re taking a look at the Kenwood HB724 Triblade, a device with a great reputation

This nifty device has a lot of power under the hood for a hand blender. With a 700w motor, the machine should have the power to take on any blending task that you can throw at it. It’s a variable speed motor too, with 5 different speeds as well as a turbo mode for those tougher tasks.

The main blending function is done by the BigFoot Pan Blender attachment. It has a wide 10cm footprint with extra large blades which make blending soup, smoothies and the like much faster. Despite its power, the blender is designed to be clean – the BigFoot attachment has been engineered to make sure the flow of whatever your blending doesn’t cause a mess.

This is a Triblade blender, and as such has three blades in the blending attachment. They’re cleverly engineered to sit at different levels and angles to each other, in order to process more food with every rotation. This makes your job quicker and more efficient.

The handset has a long 19cm wand, so you can get that triple blade blender attachments to the bottom of even large pans. With the wide blade and long shaft, you can get to and blend everything; there are no bits that the blender can’t reach.

One of the coolest things about this blender is the fact that it does a lot more than just blend, and comes with a number of genuinely useful attachments.

There’s 0.5 litre chopper included which means you can use the blender to do your chopping; anything from onions and veg to meats.

Also included is a handy 0.75 litre beaker. You can throw your ingredients into the beaker and then blend directly inside it. When you’re done, you can screw on the airtight lid and store straight in the fridge.

The masher attachment looks very handy too. Throw it onto the blender and you can use it to make perfect mashed potatoes (or vegetable mash too). It lets you make your mash just the way you like it too; either smooth and fluffy, or with lumps!

Finally, you also get a balloon whisk attachment which you can use for whipping up cream and eggs.

Kenwood HB724 Triblade Hand Blender Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 700w motor – makes short work of any blending task
  • Triblade design – 3 blades blender quicker and easier
  • 10cm diameter and 19cm wand – reach everywhere even in large pans
  • 0.5l Chopper attachment – chop onions, garlic, veg or even meat
  • 0.75l Beaker included – blend in the beaker, screw on the lid, store in the fridge!
  • Masher attachment – make perfect mashed potatoes just the way you like it
  • Whisk attachment – whisk up cream and eggs in seconds

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This is a popular blender, so we had no problem gathering together plenty of customer comments, reviews and ratings. The results were impressive; people just love it. In fact, we struggled to find any negative comments at all! Over 98% of customers raved about this blender, rating it a 4 or 5 star product.

First things first, the quality of the blender is very good. Customers reported that it is very well made, sturdy and strong. This goes for both the main blender unit itself, and also the attachments (with the exception of the whisk). All are good quality, and seem like they’ll withstand plenty of use.

People reported that it blends brilliantly, making very short work of all tasks. As usual, most people were using it to whip up soups and smoothies, and found that it does a quick and efficient job. Even though it has a very powerful motor, customers also reported that there are no splashes or mess at all.

It’s not just blending that it does well either.

Whilst people may have bought the HB724 for blending, many people found that they used the masher attachment a lot. Simply put, it makes really great mashed potatoes – fluffy, light and soft.

It can make different types of mash too, so if you’re a fan of swede, carrot, or sweet potato mash you’re in luck! The masher attachment mashes them all up in seconds. Whilst people didn’t buy for the masher, it turned into a lot of people’s favourite use for the machine. Even the skeptics were won over by this one!

The chopper works really well too. People said that it’s a decent size which is a plus, as a lot of hand blenders come with very tiny chopper attachments. In general, people found that it’ll make very short work of onion, garlic, or meat, saving you plenty of chopping time.

Whilst fewer people had made use of the whisking attachment, the customers that had reported that it worked very well. It should be noted, though, that it’s only intended for light whisking jobs such as whisking up cream, eggs or milk.

Since everyone was so enthusiastic about this gadget, we didn’t expect to see many complaints. Indeed, there are only one or two minor negative points to be noted.

First off, it is a little on the heavy side. On one hand, this is a sign of sturdy and quality construction, but on the other it might get a little tiring to hold. It is ergonomically designed to be easy and comfortable to grip though, and nobody complained that it was hard to use. It does its job quickly too, so you should have to hold onto it for long periods of time.

Another minor issue that one or two customers pointed out, is that the whisk attachment doesn’t feel as solid and well made as the other bits. Whisks do tend to be flexible, but this one is only intended to take on light whipping tasks, so don’t expect to be able to whip anything thick or hard with it.

Finally, a couple of the parts aren’t dishwasher safe. Honestly, we don’t really see this as a massive problem as many people stated that the blender and all the attachments are very easy to wash under the tap.

We’ve got a good one on our hands here! The Kenwood HB724 does everything that you could want and more. It can’t fail to save you time in the kitchen whether you’re blending, mashing or chopping. If you like making soups, milkshakes, and smoothies at homes you can’t really go wrong. Our favourite hand blender so far!

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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