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Kenwood HB711 Triblade Review

When it comes to handhelds, Kenwood are the go to guys! We thought that their HB792 was fantastic, but we’re the first to admit it’s not that cheap! So, in honour of people like us who like to be a bit thrifty, we’re taking a look today at the Kenwood HB711 Triblade.

The Kenwood HB711 is a fraction of the price of the HB724, but is based on the exact same Triblade technology. This means the blender has three blades instead of two, which are positioned at different heights and angles in order to allow the blender to process more food with each turn. It’s a really efficient system, and customers raved about how good the other Triblade model that we looked at was.

The machine also has the same powerful 700w motor as the more expensive models. This means its one of the most powerful hand blenders around, meaning it’ll make short work of whatever you throw at it. It’s got the same stylish white finish too.

You’ll also get the same BigFoot Pan Blending attachment as in the more expensive models too. This is an extra-wide blending attachment which allows you to blend soup directly in even the biggest pans. This means there is no messing around transferring liquid to a food processor, you simply cook up your soup and then blend in the same pan.

The BigFoot attachment is specially designed to cause liquid and solids to flow directly to the blades, making it quicker and more efficient. There’ll be no need to chase lumps around with the handset, unlike some other hand blenders.

So if all of this is the same as the more expensive model, what is different about this cheaper model?

The main difference comes in the attachments that are included. This model includes the BigFoot pan blending attachment, as well as a smaller attachment for blending small quantities. It doesn’t come with the range of attachments that the more expensive Triblade models come with; there is no masher, no whisk, no chopper and no beaker included.

The other difference is the motor has only two speeds; normal and turbo.

If you don’t think that you’d make use of the attachments that the more expensive Triblade models come with, then the HB711 could well be perfect for you. It’s a lot cheaper, and blends just as well!

Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender Features and Specifications

  • Same great Triblade blending technology as the more expensive models, at a fraction of the price
  • Powerful 700 watt motor – plenty of power to make short work of anything
  • Triple blade technology – processes more food with each rotation
  • BigFoot pan blending attachment – wide foot print and deep reach so that you can blend directly in any pan
  • Small blending attachment for smaller quantities
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers just loved the other Triblade blender that we’ve looked at, so we expected the this one to be no different. It wasn’t! Nearly 97% of customers were happy with their purchase, and over 92% awarded this blender top marks of 4 or 5 stars. Let’s take a look at what people were saying.

First of all, people felt that the HB711 is a quality piece of kit. It’s sturdy, well built and feels like a device that is going to last. It has a weighty feel to it, a sure sign of solid construction and while it might be heavier than other blenders, its powerful motor blends quickly so it doesn’t have to be held for long.

Almost all customers commented that the blender works brilliantly. It makes very short work of soups, and smoothies, producing smooth results in a matter of seconds.

As well as being quick and efficient, the BigFoot attachment is clean too. Customers reported that it made absolutely no mess, and no splashes at all. This means it’s very clean, and also safe; there’s no danger of hot liquids splashing up at you while blending.

Fewer people had used the smaller attachment, but several people said that it worked very well too, and is great for whipping up dips and things like hummus. It’s also handy for chopping up garlic, ginger, herbs and so forth. You just need to remember to use a small beaker or cup when you want to use it.

There was very little in the way negative viewpoints about this blender. The one minor thing that we picked up on, and that a few people mentioned, was that the power cable is quite short. We don’t think that’s a big problem, you’ll just need to position your pan or bowl near to a wall outlet before blending.

It might not have all the handy attachments of the more expensive models, but the Kenwood HB711 does what it says on the tin; it blends very quickly and efficiently, with no fuss or mess. If you just want to blend then this is a great device. At the moment it can be had for under £25 too, which to be frank is a downright bargain! Highly recommended.

  • Score: 4 stars

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