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Duronic BL400 Review

Duronic aren’t a well known company, but they’ve come up with a couple of decent small appliances recently (we quite liked their mini choppers for example). Today, we’re taking a look at the Duronic BL400 and Multi-Mill, a budget machine and one of the cheapest available online.

With a 400w motor at its heart driving the stainless steel blade, this might not be the most powerful blender around, but it’s certainly no slouch either. The motor has two speeds for blending ingredients of varying toughness, and a pulse function too so that you can blend in short bursts and avoid overdoing it.

Included is a 1.5 litre jug, intended for blending soups, milkshakes, smoothies and sauces. Uniquely, as a little bonus, you also get a multi-mill attachment in the box too, which is to be used for grinding coffee and spices; great news for coffee and curry lovers alike!

Another unique feature of the BL400 is its “Autoclean function”, which we’ll take a look at a bit later.

Duronic BL400 Features and Specifications

  • 400 watt motor
  • Two speeds and pulse function
  • 1.5 litre jug
  • Multi-mill for grinding
  • Autoclean function

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The majority of customers left this blender a positive review: about 83% of people gave the blender 3 stars or above. Whilst the majority were happy with their purchase overall, we have to say we did pick up on a lot of niggling complaints (even from the positive reviews).

In terms of blending, most people reported that it does a pretty good job. But it does depend what you want it for. The manual says that it only works with some liquid in the jug to get the ingredients moving, which means it’s perfect for milkshakes, smoothies, or soup but not versatile enough for much else. After trawling all the customer comments, we’d have to say that this machine blends adequately, but it’s nothing particularly impressive.

We feel that the negatives outweigh the positives on this one.

Firstly, the machine might be cheap, but that is no excuse for it being poorly constructed. Time and time again people criticised the build quality, saying it feels plasticy and flimsy. This we could forgive, but this lack of quality spills over into the operation of the device.

One of the most common complaints, is that the jug is not easy to lock into place. The blender won’t turn on until the jug is locked into position, but a lot of customers said that it’s very hard to get it into exactly the right position. Furthermore, people complained that it’s difficult to remove too, requiring brute force to take it off the base.

The same comments were made about the multi-mill too; it’s difficult to lock into the right positon, and requires strength and force to remove. A lot of people said that after spending a lot of time getting it onto the base, the mill doesn’t grind particularly well anyway.

Customers also commented that the controls felt cheap and flimsy too. This is especially a problem since the dial which controls the motor is extremely hard to lock into the high gear position. Unless you exert a lot of pressure, the button simply flicks back to the lower speed. Let’s face it, if the dial feels flimsy and it requires a lot of pressure to turn it, it’s not going to last long.

Whilst these were the commonly reported problems with the machine, we lost count of the number of unique complaints that we came across. Leakages, blown motors, and dead on arrival machines were all reported. Whilst these particular problems didn’t seem wide spread, the sheer number of little complaints paint a very sorry picture.

To add insult to injury, Duronic appear to supply next to no customer support. There are no warranty cards, no telephone number. Not even an email address or website.

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’d recommend that you steer clear of the Duronic BL400. It might be cheap, but don’t be tempted; you’ll probably end up wanting another new blender anyway! If you don’t want to break the bank to buy a jug blender, why not invest an extra £5 and go for the Philips HR2160 instead.

  • Score: 1 stars

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