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Andrew James Powerful Hand Blender Review

We’ve found in the past that Andrew James kitchen gadgets have struck a good balance between quality, performance and affordability. They do a good job of packing a lot of value into their packages, and the Andrew James Hand Blender looks set to continue that trend. Today we’re going to take a look at the features of this blender, and then see what people have had to say about it.

At the heart of the Andrew James Hand Blender is a 700 watt DC motor, so it’s quite a powerhouse for a hand blender. With this kind of grunt, it should be able to make very short work of anything you care to throw at it. The motor has several speed and turbo settings, so you can easily adjust the power depending on what you’re blending. More on the performance a little later.

One of the great things about Andrew James appliances is the great value that they seem to manage to pack into every box, and their hand blender is no different. It comes with all the attachments that you’d expect to see in a more expensive blender, but at a fraction of the price. For under £30, you’ll be getting a 500ml chopper, a 500ml beaker, and a stainless steel whisk attachment along with your blender.

Andrew James Powerful 700 Watt DC Motor Hand Blender Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 700w motor – makes short work of anything you want to blend
  • 500ml chopper attachment – chop veg, onions, garlic etc in seconds
  • 500ml beaker – blend in beaker, screw on lid and store
  • Stainless Steel Whisk attachment – beat eggs in seconds

Customer Feedback and Reviews

As a relatively new blender on the market, we weren’t able to find a huge amount of customer opinions on this one. However those that we did get our hands on were very positive, the vast majority awarding top marks of 4 or 5 stars. Let’s take a quick look at what people were saying.

First of all, quite a lot of customers seemed quite enamoured of the Andrew James Blender at its looks. We’d agree that it does look rather stylish; the shiny chrome and red coloured finish gives the device a modern look which should make it at home in any kitchen.

Customers reported that the blender does indeed blend very well. People said that it whizzes through soups very quickly, and nobody reported any mess or splashing. This is a very powerful machine for a hand blender, and people who wanted a powerful blender were not disappointed.

As well as doing a good job of blending, customers were happy with the other attachments too. It chops and whisks as efficiently as it blends, although it’s worth noting that the whisk is only intended for light mixtures. As such, a couple of customers felt that the whisk attachment did feel a little on the flimsy side (a common observation amongst hand blenders in general).

There were hardly any criticisms leveled at this device. The only one that we could find was that there is no release button for ejecting the attachments from the handle. This means that you might end up with dirty hands when removing the attachment you were using, but a quick wash under the tap should take care of that!

If you want the versatility of all those attachments that come with more expensive hand blenders, but you don’t want to spend that kind of money, then the Andrew James Hand Blender could well be for you. It does a great job at all the tasks that you can turn its hand to, and looks great too. It’s not quite the blender that the more expensive Kenwood HB724 is, but at over £20 cheaper it’s definitely worth a good look.

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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